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The Waterfront - Hydroparken

Tags: Industri innsjø Gammelt

Beskrivelse av location

The Waterfront is one of the primary locations in Hydroparken, located by Lake Heddal in Notodden, Norway. The Hydropark complex consists of a unique combination of industrial buildings in different themes and designs with a building mass of approximately 40,000 m2 distributed over 30 different buildings. All are part of the natural landscape between the lake and the mountains around Notodden. The Waterfront area of Hydropark is located directly adjacent to the Alleyway, another popular location in Hydroparken. At the same time, Lake Heddal provides an excellent backdrop and contrast to the industrial buildings, with the lake lies directly south. The row of trees separating the industrial facility from the lake allow the filmmaker a degree of separation and the ability to choose the mood. As this photo sequence indicates, there is great freedom to use different angles and shooting techniques. Changing light and conditions allow the filmmaker a high level of creativity, while on the whole, the weather in this part of Telemark is quite predictable. The Wild Telemark’s ( close cooperation with the Hydropark management will allow your film crew to make the most of the time needed to get your shots required, including use of a drone as required. There is ample parking space for both truck and automobiles, and together with our team, Hydroparken can supply extra practical and technical support. Price upon request.


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Einherje Film AS

Stillfotograf, videofotograf, filmmaker ("alle" fagfunksjoner på egne produksjoner). Spillefilm, kortfilm, oppdragsfilm for industri- og næringsliv. Jobber mye med teater, også som produsent av interaktiv videoscenografi. Utdannet fotograf og profesjonell siden 1979.. Dronepilot siden 2014. Hovedinteresser kunst, rock, motorsykler og vikingkultur.
Norway / Porsgrunn


Hergel Film

Produksjonsselskap for fiksjon. Spillefilmer, kortfilmer, dokumentar samt reklamefilm.
Norway / OSLO