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List your property in 5 minutes on Uveil and start start to make money by renting for production companies.

How do I host?

If you own a property, you can host it on Uveil. Simply create a new listing, add some basic info like price, availability, photos, features and save. Then, your property will be listed on Uveil and all users inside the platform will be able to send booking requests for you.

Who can book?

Uveil is designed to be and easy place to find a perfect locations for filming, TV and advertising production. Anyone inside the platform can be a Host or Renter. To be a host, you have to add your listing into the platform. Renters will send bookings request for you. If you are a member of a production company, you can rent places for your jobs too.

Subscribe early and get ready to make money.

Add your listing now and start make money. Uveil will be released on November 21. We’ll get back to you with Uveil news and You will be notified when Uveil is launched and ready to receive bookings.

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